The Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators are one of the most
respected Paranormal Teams found in Western Wisconsin.  We are
the American Ghost Society's Western Wisconsin Representatives.
The Team has been featured on three episodes of Animal Planet's
"The Haunted."  They have also penned two books on the Paranormal,
and are working on several more.  CVPI has also found itself on
various radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and local TV broadcasts.

HOWEVER, CVPI conducts its investigations in
Private.    The Chippewa
Valley Paranormal Investigators provide a FREE service to those in
need of an investigation.  Our Mission is to find an explanation (be it
logical or otherwise...) for what you have experienced.  All information
accumulated before, during and after an investigation will remain
confidential unless you provide permission to publish any or all of the

Our Team has been together for over eight years now, while the
founders have been pursuing answers to the paranormal for over 18
years.  All in all, our team has almost 100 years of research into the
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Haunted Chippewa
History Tour
Tours begin at 9 p.m. on the
last Saturday of each
month, beginning in June.
Join us on a one mile walk
through historic downtown
and learn the history of
our favorite haunts! Please
visit (and like!) our
Facebook page for more
information! Click the
"Haunted Chippewa Tour" tab
for info and reservations.
CVPI Does Villisca!
In July, CVPI is heading down to the infamous Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa.  

Lizzie Boreden doesn't hold a candle to this guy. At least, we think it was just one guy.

In June of 1912, the Moore family were returning home from an evening at church.  Josiah, Sarah, and their
four children along with the young Stillinger sisters who were spending the night.  Eight innocent and
unsuspecting people who went to bed that night never to see the break of day.

There are many rumors about what went on in the house on that evening in June.  The most widely accepted
is that a man hid in an upstairs closet or the attic and waited for everyone to fall asleep.  He butchered all 8,
including innocent young children, with an axe!  No one has been convicted of this crime!

CVPI wants answers even if they must receive them from the poor victims of the tragedy post

Pictures and information will be posted when we get back. We are visiting a couple other sites with
ties to the home and the victims.
Want to donate to ALS but don't want to do the ice
water challenge? Let our co-founder do it for you!
Not only is Chris taking an ice bucket of water to
the face, but he's donating half of all proceeds from
the August 30th tour to the ALS foundation! Please
come help us support finding a cure for this disease!
9 p.m. in front of the infamous
Sheeley House on River Street in
historic downtown Chippewa Falls